About Us

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About Us

Trooppy.com is an information dissemination platform set up with many other websites and blog sites registered under it. This portal is committed to help citizens around the globe in all possible manner.

We at Trooppy network decided to make our presence on the web because it is the fastest medium of transferring information. Trooppy.com can reach faster to its customers and or subscribers with information about each happening that matters to our subscribers or customers.

We, all at Trooppy are committed to bringing latest information about happenings and things in multiple phases of life that are beneficial to society and especially our readers and subscibers.

Information and advertisements placed on Trooppy.com are for the purpose of well-being and a better life of our readers who believe us.

As a basic code of conduct, we do not interfere in others jobs or things that are harmful to them directly or indirectly – fully or partially, No Discrimination in this regard.  We are always open to suggestions and criticisms.  All such inputs are welcome.  In case anything that you feel like makes an adverse effect of you or your business or surroundings, please write to us.  An earliest action on it is our promise.

No intentional error is our promise.  No one will be hurt, no hidden agenda, and respect to all including intellectual properties – that’s certain things that we follow as a thumb rule.

All are welcome.  Request to spread the news about trooppy to your community and friends.

Your suggestions and criticisms are welcome

Team trooppy.com